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    • 22/05/2021
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    • 23/05/2021
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Past events

06/03/2021 Sydney: Getting Back on Track Using Megapotency Homoeopathy with Jill Turland & Bryan Barrass
21/02/2021 Brisbane: Round Table Event & First Aid/CPR Update
16/02/2021 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Kamal Jalodia: Treating Difficult Cases with Homoeopathy
05/02/2021 NSW Branch Presents: Webinar: What Can I Say & Still be TGA Compliant?
13/11/2020 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dimple Kirpalani: The Hepatic System
09/10/2020 WEBINAR COUPLET with Jenni Tree: Waterworld - Remedies From the Fish Kingdom and Sex, Allure & Orchids
27/09/2020 Vic/Tas Branch Presents: Homoeopathic Practice During COVID-19 - A Moderated Discussion + AGM
16/08/2020 AHA Vic/Tas Branch Presents: Immunisation Options: What Choices do Parents Really Have? A Webinar for Homoeopathic Practitioners with Dr Isaac Golden
21/07/2020 WEBINAR COUPLET with Monica & Anthony Robinson: Understanding Health, Disease & the Vital Force & Introduction to Dr Herscu's Cycles & Segments
19/06/2020 WEBINAR COUPLET with Rudi Verspoor: Understanding Hahnemann's Medical System Within the Broader Scientific & Medical Revolution of the Time
02/06/2020 WEBINAR COUPLET with Divya Bhatt: The Respiratory System & Homoeopathy
07/03/2020 Sydney: First Aid/CPR Refresher (with REVIVA) plus Clinical Skills Workshop
19/02/2020 WEBINAR SERIES with Dr Atul Jaggi & Prof George Vithoulkas: Strategies of Prescription
16/02/2020 Brisbane: Let's Talk About Aphorism 9 & First Aid/CPR Update
03/02/2020 WEBINAR SERIES with Dr Michal Yakir: Disasters and war - treating trauma with homoeopathy
11/10/2019 WEBINAR SERIES with Dr Jonathan Hardy: Mammals, Birds, Molluscs & Insects
21/09/2019 Sydney: Peter Tumminello: Psyche & Structure - Minerals, Crystals & Personality Typology
15/09/2019 Melbourne: New Pathways 5: A Reflection on Miasms & AGM
03/09/2019 WEBINAR SERIES with Camilla Sherr: Introducing Hydrogen, Helium, Honey & Pomegranate
07/08/2019 WEBINAR COUPLET with Ken D'Aran - The Plight of Homoeopathy Today: Reasserting our Foundations According to Samuel Hahnemann
14/07/2019 Brisbane: Trituration Workshop
22/06/2019 Psora: Presented by Deshdeep Singh and Patricia Stuart-Macadam
13/06/2019 WEBINAR COUPLET with Wiet Van Helmond: Buddleia & Sycamore Seed
19/05/2019 Clinical Skills Day Meet & Greet Luncheon plus ARoH Update
07/05/2019 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Pratik Desai: The Art of Perceiving the Portrait of Disease
27/04/2019 'The treatment of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and acne' presented by Deshdeep Singh and Jenny Mast
27/04/2019 Melbourne: Getting Back on Track Using Megapotency Homoeopathy
31/03/2019 Melbourne: New Pathways 4: Clinical Skills Days
27/03/2019 'Exploring Known and Lesser Known Children's Medicines' with Dimple Kirpalani
09/02/2019 Brisbane - Professional Skills Day 2019
08/02/2019 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Mahesh Mallappa and Prof George Vithoulkas
20/10/2018 11th Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference:
26/08/2018 Melbourne: Pathways in Clinical Practice
07/08/2018 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Saurav Arora
23/07/2018 Melbourne: Trituration of a plant with Dr Michal Yakir
20/07/2018 WEBINAR COUPLET with David Lilley
20/07/2018 Melbourne Seminar: Dr Michal Yakir - The Table of Plants
08/06/2018 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Seema Mahesh
15/05/2018 'PQRS Symptoms - Key to Individualisation' with Dr Zahid Panchi
27/02/2018 WEBINAR COUPLET with Richard Pitt
10/02/2018 Brisbane - Professional Day 2018: Dr Rozencwajg
06/02/2018 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dimple Kirpalani
07/11/2017 'Homoeopathy and Mental Health' with Michelle Hookham
21/10/2017 'How to spot snakes' with Vatsala Sperling
28/08/2017 'Lyme Disease and Homoeopathy' with Janine Castle
12/08/2017 Brisbane - 'Advanced Classical Case Management' with Martin Costigan
31/07/2017 'Hair Analysis for Homoeopaths' with Janine Castle
23/07/2017 Melbourne Seminar: Judith Salmon - Removing the Obstacles to Cure - Day 2
27/06/2017 'Study of the SPIDER group of remedies' with Divya Bhatt
17/06/2017 Sydney: 'SYNERGY' - Dr Rajan Sankaran
20/05/2017 Adelaide - Anne MacFarlane: Seminar: Anne McFarlane - Bowel Nosodes...
09/04/2017 Melbourne - Anne MacFarlane: Seminar: Anne McFarlane - Bowel Nosodes...
06/04/2017 'Advanced Practice of Homoeopathy' with Dr Manish Bhatia
06/03/2017 WEBINAR COUPLET with Dr Nandita Shah
05/03/2017 Melbourne - Diana Kopatsy: "Practice Building..."
21/02/2017 'Delusions' with Divya Bhatt
22/10/2016 10th Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference:
11/09/2016 Melbourne - Come out of isolation...!
22/08/2016 Mani Norland: 4H - Campaign for Homoeopathy
14/08/2016 Sydney - flexibility in case taking & prescribing 2 - keith avedissian
17/06/2016 'Passing the Gift of Homoeopathy to Families' with Pauline Kalbfell
23/05/2016 'The Ferrum Group' with Divya Bhatt
06/03/2016 Sydney - Stepping Back to See Further
21/02/2016 Brisbane - Professional Development Day
31/01/2016 Melbourne - Dr Isaac Golden - Vaccination Legislation & Options
17/11/2015 'Children's Meltdowns' with Linlee Jordan
07/11/2015 Brisbane - Dr Dinesh Chauhan - 'sensation'
31/10/2015 Sydney - 'sensation' - Dr Dinesh Chauhan
24/10/2015 Melbourne - Dinesh Chauhan - 'sensation'
30/08/2015 Sydney - Homoeopathy & Immunisation: Issues, Attitudes, Evidence
22/08/2015 Cancer - A Practical, Reproducibal Approach to Case Management
16/07/2015 WEBINAR SERIES with Dion Tabrett, UK
22/06/2015 'Stepping Back to See Further' with Zofia Dymitr
23/05/2015 Melbourne - Patricia Hatherly - THE LACS
16/05/2015 Adelaide - 'THE LACS' with Patricia Hatherly
13/04/2015 SETTING UP A HOMOEOPATHIC PRACTICE: 2-hour webinar with Martin Costigan
29/03/2015 Sydney - Children's Cases - Keith Avedissian
20/03/2015 WEBINAR SERIES with Dimple Kirpalani
22/02/2015 Brisbane - Professional Development Day
24/10/2014 Grass Roots Homoeopathy - Back to Basics
27/08/2014 RADIOACTIVE REMEDIES: 1-session webinar with Jenni Tree
24/08/2014 Sydney - Business Development Forum
17/08/2014 Return of the Homoeopathic Round Table - Abbotsford, VIC
19/07/2014 Brisbane - Removing Obstacles to Cure with Judith Salmon
13/07/2014 Sydney - Homoeopathy & Mental Health - Ann Manning & Kerry Schweigert
19/06/2014 WEBINAR SERIES with Dion Tabrett, UK
24/05/2014 Melbourne - George Dimitriadis - HOMOEOPATHIC DIAGNOSIS
10/05/2014 LAC HUMANUM: 1-session webinar with Patricia Hatherly
01/03/2014 Sydney - Diana Kopatsy - "Talk to the Animals 2"
23/02/2014 Brisbane - Professional Development Day
15/02/2014 WEBINAR SERIES with Jon Gamble
02/11/2013 WEBINAR SERIES with Liz Lalor
26/10/2013 Afternoon Seminar - ADELAIDE: FREE for AHA members
12/10/2013 Sydney - Peter Tumminello CRYSTAL REMEDIES
08/09/2013 Sydney - Removing the Obstacles To Cure - Judith Salmon
30/08/2013 Brisbane - Demystifying Chronic Disease: Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection with Jon Gamble
29/07/2013 HP Webinar with Linlee Jordan and Bernadette English
21/07/2013 Sydney - Diabetes: A Case for Homoeopathy - with Vivienne Weinstock
13/07/2013 Brisbane - Group Trituration weekend
10/05/2013 WEBINAR SERIES with Mike Bridger
05/05/2013 A Homoeopathic Round Table - Abbotsford, VIC
12/04/2013 FREE PROMOTIONAL WEBINAR with Mike Bridger
23/02/2013 Sydney - Diana Kopatsy - "Talk to the Animals"
10/02/2013 Brisbane - Professional Development Day
09/02/2013 WEBINAR SERIES with Miranda Castro
05/08/2012 Sydney - OBSTETRICS WORKSHOP - with Karen Burn
07/07/2012 Brisbane - In Depth Case-Taking: Nosodes, Imponderables, Animal Kingdom - the Joshis
30/06/2012 Melbourne - Nuances in Case Taking - the Sensation Method
10/03/2012 Melbourne - Use of bowel nosodes in practice - Snehi Jarvis
03/03/2012 Adelaide - Miasms & Nosodes; Gynaecological Complaints - Gabrielle Traub
05/02/2012 Brisbane - Professional Development Day
15/10/2011 VIC/TAS AGM & 'LM/Q Potencies' workshop with Alana Kidd - AHA Members only
10/09/2011 Adelaide - Rose Quartz and the Gems - Peter Tumminello
04/09/2011 Sydney - Musculoskeletal and Autoimmune Conditions - Stephen McDonald & Olga Araya
13/08/2011 Melbourne - The Liz Lalor Fertility Program - Liz Lalor
24/07/2011 Brisbane - Autism & ADHD - Public Information Session - Fran Sheffield
24/07/2011 Brisbane - Autism Spectrum Disorders - Fran Sheffield
19/06/2011 Sydney - Addictions & their Homoeopathic Treatment - Dr Samir Chaukkar
11/06/2011 Melbourne - Talk to the Animals - Diana Kopatsy
09/04/2011 Sydney - Sea Creatures & Bacteria - Jenni Tree
02/04/2011 Brisbane - Bacteria & Trees - Jenni Tree
26/03/2011 Melbourne - Trees and Sea Creatures - Jenni Tree
19/03/2011 Adelaide - Bacteria and Trees - Jenni Tree
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